CBD Favored Over Pharmaceutical Drugs

There have been many advances in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.  It’s true some medical methods and treatments save lives.  Maybe that is the best choice for you.  Here is what you need to know to make an informed decision and bring awareness of possible alternatives like CBD.

Opioid Epidemic

Prescription drugs may target relief, but they are not a cure.  In fact, they may be a detrimental solution to your health issues.  Just listen to the commercial advertisements for prescription drugs.  After stating the potential benefits of the drug, there is a huge list of possible side effects, even including death in some cases.  The side effects can be worse than the condition the medicine is used to treat.

There is an opioid epidemic in full swing.  It is urgent to find a solution.  Opioids are most often prescribed in cases of chronic and constant pain. Several types of opioids include codeine, fentanyl, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, methadone, and morphine.

CBD as an Alternative to Prescription Drugs

A good option is finding something that has comparable therapeutic effects with minimal to no side effects.  Those options are available.  Medical cannabis may be a good substitute for prescription opioids because it has similar symptom-relieving effects, especially for chronic pain.

In legalized medical cannabis states, substituting opioids with cannabis and decreasing opioid overdose deaths have already been seen. Cannabis can be used to wean patients off their current opioid protocol and provide pain relief that is comparable to opioid treatment.  Fighting addiction with CBD is promising, especially with reducing drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms.  It’s possible that a mixture of THC and CBD could be an effective medication against chronic pain and opioid drug dependence, although more research is needed to determine specific treatment plans.

In 2016, prescription painkillers were related to 20,101 deaths in the United States caused by overdoses.  High-potency painkillers causing euphoria can also lead to addiction. Withdrawal symptoms may occur when weaning off these types of drugs, such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, anxiety, and irritability.

Evidence for CBD

Several studies indicate that cannabis interacts with opioids and alters the associated pain-relieving effects. When co-administered, patients can use a lower dose of opioids and obtain the same level of pain relief.  Cannabis could be used to effectively reduce drug cravings and the chance of relapse.

There is already evidence that cannabis is used to substitute opioids.  Decreases in prescription drug rates have been seen in states with legalized medical cannabis. In the United States, after the implementation of several state medical cannabis laws, total prescription drug spending in Medicare for both program and enrollee spending fell by $165 million per year in 2013. The most common reported drug substitution was opioids (32-36% of total substitutions), followed by benzodiazepines and antidepressants.

Cannabis is well known to be an incredibly safe and nontoxic.  A scientific study published in the journal of Scientific Reports compares a long list of substances in terms of safety and toxicity. These substances include heroin, cannabis, nicotine, alcohol, methadone, amphetamine, and MDMA. Drugs that were classed as high risk included alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, and heroin. Cannabis was the only substance to pose a low risk of death.  Some patients seem to prefer using cannabis in place of opioids, and proclaim that it even works better for them.

Researchers used a survey to collect data from a group of 2,897 medical cannabis patients during a study that aimed to examine the use of cannabis as a substitute for opioid pain medication; 34% of the sample group stated that they had used opioid pain medication within the past six months. Most of the group reported that cannabis use provided them with pain relief that was just as effective as that attained by their other medications but without the adverse side effects. Also, 97% of the group reported that they were able to decrease the amount of opioid medication they were taking because of cannabis use.  In addition, 81% of the group said that cannabis use alone was more effective at treating their condition than taking cannabis alongside opioid medications.

The results of that research determined by that “Cannabis can be an effective treatment for pain, greatly reduces the chance of dependence, and eliminates the risk of fatal overdose compared to opioid-based medications. Medical cannabis patients report that cannabis is just as effective, if not more, than opioid-based medications for pain.”

Seriously, take responsibility for your own health care and beware of the dangers out there.  The number one cause of accidental death in the United States is accidental prescription drug overdose.  According to the L.A. Times, “Prescription overdoses kill more people than heroin and cocaine.  An L.A. Times review of coroners’ records finds that drugs prescribed by a small number of doctors caused or contributed to a disproportionate number of deaths.”

 You may think you don’t have to worry about overdosing.  What about the side effects of those same drugs?  How many people do you know that are on several prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs?  That presents a higher risk of interactions, side effects, and overdoses.  Drugs can be dangerous whether they are legal or illegal.

Written by Lori Bruton – http://loribruton.com/


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