Medical Studies and Testimonials Regarding the benefits of CBD with Autism

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These are medical studies regarding CBD and the treatment of Autism. CBD is now legal in 50 states. CBD does not get you high. CBD is a natural alternative that you can try for your autistic child. CBD has very few minor side effects and there are only rare occurrences of these minor side effects such as mild digestive upset including diarrhea. Many parents are concerned about getting their autistic child to take CBD oil. Serve CBD oil in your child’s favorite food with these CBD OIL RECIPES.

…some doctors have been paying attention to the huge and growing amount of anecdotal evidence that CBD, which is contained in cannabis and the hemp plant, is effectively easing the symptoms of autism in children with the condition.”

For some parents, this is definitely a cause that is worth fighting for, because many other children suffering from autism may have better lives. CBD oil reduces the violent episodes triggered by autism and alleviates anxiety, without having the “high” effects most people connect with the use of cannabis.

My sons Testimony
This is Bodhi. He is now 5 years old. 💚💙
He loves Play-Doh, Moon sand and plays Outside in the cold mud. Listens to Alternative Rock & Classical Music. Enjoys vintage video games such as PacMan and Super Mario.
I knew Bodhi was unique from birth but when he was 6 months old is when I had my first clue. He had his first MELTDOWN at the city fair.
We couldn’t calm him down. Everything that normally worked, such as feeding him, holding him, changing his diaper, etc! Nothing… until we walked into a quiet room then it immediately made him go silent!
From that day forwarded I picked up environmental triggers that would make him spin out of control.
Crowds, loud noises, unfamiliar spaces, smells, sounds that he would immediately shut down. I felt discouraged. Then little things like the texture of food, he didn’t like baby food and clothes even would make him have a meltdown!
Every single preschool and daycare would kick him out because of him not being social with kids, refusing to transition, becoming physical even when he didn’t know how to use his words to communicate. He plays by himself often and focuses very hard on one thing at a time!
We have had him evaluated twice by the state and I have asked his pediatrician for suggestions. All of them have come back that he IS NOT Autistic or on the Spectrum. That he would develop at his own pace and to continue to work with him.
😕 well than…that gives me no answers
In my heart, I knew he is unique. He processes this world in his own way, and it’s causing him anxiety and pain 😣😰😭 you have no idea how painful it is to see your child struggle with normal day to day things. Putting on clothes was like pulling teeth! Teachers treating him like he was to difficult to handle to be apart of a group, excluding him from activities or social events because “he cant handle it” 😓
Then a friend of mine who I have been socializing with on Facebook immediately picked up on Bodhi signs. I was explaining to her about the struggles I have encountered with him.
She stopped me and said “Sensory Processing Disorder” she then told me about her daughter. She showed me online support groups and lots of information on the subject!
😶😶😶😶😶I sat there reading signs and cues and kept going in my head “THAT’S MY SON!” 🙄
*sigh of relief* 😌
The rest is really just tedious details of where we are now!
Wow! So much support and the information is out there about this! I am so thankful too!
However, after doing some research on the causes of SPD and the emerging theory that it is the result of too many synapses firing in the brain I decided to try my best to make him comfortable. Due to my background in Holistic Nutrition and owning a Health Food Company Organic Meal Prep LLC; I wanted to try something Natural and what I kept hearing other groups say about CBD oil.
We tried couple brands and one finally had everything right. Quality, price, purity(batch testing) & made here in American 🇺🇸 plus there was a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so essentially it was risk-free. I knew if we tried it and didn’t like it we could return it!
I am here to tell you the results are just astounding.
It has been a miracle. Hallelujah 🙏🏽
He has been able to start vocalizing his concerns at school, using his words.🗣 Textures are becoming something fun for him to explore! He no longer fights me on putting socks on! Or PANTS! He wears Jeans😍
We noticed the results the first time we gave it to him.. it was remarkable.
We were getting lots of eye contact.. 😍he sat at the dinner table for the whole dinner.. that was a first! He has continued to use his words instead of thrashing and having meltdowns when he is overly stimulated!
I could go on for days where all the improvements are happening! It has been giving him a quality of life that I have always dreamed for my boy! 🤧
Anyhow.. I am rambling now and getting emotional.
We use Organic, Non-GMO, certified in an FDA facility that batch tests every product that has less than 0.03% THC! (No HIGH effect)
30 Day Money Back Guarantee so it was Risk-Free. Safe to give to animals and your children!
Thanks for reading and I would love to know what works for you and your child! I’m still learning and Bodhi is too! 💕 but this has been life-changing for him and I’m a proud mama 😍

**Autism: Cannabinoids and CBD Research Overview

“In one study, an autistic child that was given THC for six months reported significant improvements in hyperactivity, lethargy, irritability, stereotypy and inappropriate speech.”

**How Cannabis and CBD Offer Hope in Future Treatments of Autism

“Improvements in social behaviors were associated with CBD’s ability to enhance inhibitory brain function by increasing the activity of the neurons that regulate the level of inhibition in the brain.”

**A novel approach to the symptomatic treatment of autismX


Cannabinoids in Pediatrics– Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics


Testimonials about the benefits of CBD on Autism

Dr. Giovanni Martinez, a clinical psychologist from Puerto Rico decided to check out the therapeutic effects provided by CBD oil. He is pleased to say that this treatment is providing great results. In one particular case, after treating an autistic child with hemp oil spray two times a day, for three weeks, the child went from non-verbal to speaking his first words and, later on, developing excellent language skills.

Dr. Martinez stated that before the treatment, the child was very frustrated because of his inability to communicate, adopting unwanted behaviors that led to his injury. But once the hemp oil treatment started to kick in, he is much happier and laughs a lot, due to the fact that he can finally express himself.

Piper Jaffray analyst Josh Schimmer who covers biotech companies has also made the connection. He noted that some forms of autism share similar features with epilepsy. He writes, “It’s possible that some children have sub-clinical seizure activity that results in developmental disorders, and there are also extremely exciting anecdotes of autism patients who thrive after CBD therapy.”

The Autism Research Institute starting connecting the dots too. They found that children with autism that used marijuana experienced an improvement in symptoms like anxiety, aggression, panic disorder, tantrums and self-injurious behavior. Martin Lee, author of Smoke Signals and founder of  Project CBD said, “There’s substantive body of pre-clinical research and some anecdotal stories. There’s also some research from GW Pharmaceuticals on psychiatric disorders. It’s not autism, but there are overlapping issues.”

Mieko Hester-Perez, who started out as the mother of an autistic boy named Joey and is now the founder of Unconventional Foundation for Autism, has another success story. She came from a very conservative family and was against the use of cannabis.  But everything changed when her son Joey, who was already diagnosed with autism and was following treatment, was also diagnosed with Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy, a rare muscular disorder that was about to severely damage his body.

Doctors gave Joey just 6 months to live, time in which he should take a cocktail of medications that were notorious for their toxicity. At the moment, Joey was already taking 13 different drugs for this autism condition, every single day. His mother knew she had to do something about it. This is when she came across cannabis and decided to use it on her son, giving him edibles infused with cannabis. It’s been 6 years since doctors gave that 6 months term and Joey was never better.

He is healthy, sociable, happy, and simply enjoying life. Of course, there were many people that judged Hester-Perez for experimenting with cannabis on her child, but as far as she is concerned, having in mind the extraordinary effects cannabis provided, it was the best decision she made.

Mom Rebecca says she successfully uses CBD to treat an autistic child. Her son, Gavin, was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. Health problems and a failure to reach developmental milestones ultimately led to the diagnosis.

Gavin’s health was falling apart, and he suffered from an array of conditions including cerebral palsy, complex partial seizures, genetic anomaly, cyclical vomiting, and autism. CBD turned his life around.

Dr. Bonni says Gavin, now five is a well-adapted little boy. Not all children might experience his level of improvement, but she believes all children should have the opportunity to attain a full life experience.

Although not every patient has this level of improvement, Gavin’s story is an example of why cannabis treatment must be an available option for all children with severe medical conditions.  His quality of life has been improved so significantly that he is able to participate in his life fully as all children deserve.

We Use CBD Oil to Help Our Autistic Bipolar Son

My 7 yr old has always been a little different from other kids, including my other 3.
When he was 3 years old they tried to diagnose him as autistic but we knew that wasn’t right.
He didn’t speak until he was 4+ yrs old. We saw the audiologist for thorough hearing testing. His hearing was “normal”.
Was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder age 4. Began school early to receive OT & speech (currently still receive those) Progressed well. 👏🏼
Kindergarten came & went with no real signs of set backs last year.
This year I quickly noticed sooo many academic struggles (1st grade) ..
Brycen doesn’t process what he reads.. very slow reader and isn’t meeting standards .. there’s zero memorization for sight words.. cannot write a 3-word sentence on his own.. and even with guidance, all letters are backwards.. no ability to hear sounds.. you can ask him rhyming words and he can’t distinguish them. .. I could go on but Doctors diagnosed him with an auditory processing disorder, sensory disorder & inattentive ADHD. We are currently undergoing SLD (specific learning disability) testing at his school. It’s just been a mess! He’s the most loving child I have ever met. I’m not just saying that either.
Drs put him on Focalin XR .. said it would help stimulate the frontal lobe of his brain to help him with the inattentiveness. My husband and I were a mess over this because in our gut we knew he would change. And sure enough. After a week of being on the medicine, Brycen began showing signs of aggression and self-inflicting pain .. between the hours of 3-5 you wouldn’t get a word from him. Just anger and lashing out. It truly affected our home.. my relationship with him and his siblings.. my final straw was when his teacher contacted me and told me he cried uncontrollably at school a few weeks ago and they couldn’t get him to calm down. SHE was worried about him!! 😭 I called his Dr and his advice was to UP the dose and give him Ritalin in the afternoons 💔 nope… no.. sorry no. My kid isn’t a guinea pig.
We have weaned him off the medication and he is officially on ZERO 🙅‍♀️meds. Only Hempworx CBD Oil. He is sooooo happy again and I don’t have to worry about destroying my sons mental/emotional well-being anymore OR the side effects such as heart palpitations and low blood pressure, to name a few. Thank you Hempworx for giving us our son back! Brycen is having happy normal days at school and is making progress!

We are coming up on week 7 of our CBD oil journey with this guy. I figure it’s time for an update. A little back history for those that don’t know his story. Bryson has severe ADHD complex disorder with some pretty violent and aggressive behaviors. He has been on a variety of different medicines for it since he was 4 years old. He will be 8 later this month. He had horrible side effects from those meds. He didn’t sleep, eat, drink, play, or have a personality. He was a true zombie. He was quiet and did what he was told while the meds were in his system. As soon as they were wearing off he had a come down just like a meth addict. He was angry, mean, destructive, and just hateful. He told me several times a day he didn’t want to be alive. When that started I knew I had to make a choice. I had already been researching other options bc of the other side effects, but that was my deciding push. We started on Hempworx CBD oil and our lives changed. After a week he was no longer angry. He was eating, drinking, playing, sleeping, and his personality was back. He laughs and sings again. We had a rough couple of weeks at school while he was going through the detox that can happen, it just means the oil is working and getting rid of all the toxins and crap in your body. Most detox for a couple days, but Bryson is unique lol. We are now getting good reports at school and working together to be even better. I couldn’t be happier with our decision, and most importantly neither could he!    A. Grubbs