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Power Of HempWorx
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 32 reviews
by Kimberly on Power Of HempWorx
Nothing Short of a Miracle For My Son

I started taking CBD three months ago.... I was skeptical at the beginning like most 😝 I learned about CBD from a support group I was in for parents with children with ADHD, Autism, and other child brain development issues. So I started researching more about it, everything I read was incredibly positive but almost too good to be true.... Then I started researching brands and companies and I stumbled upon HempWorx because I was scrolling through FB and saw a post from a friend who was using it and I was blown away by her testimonial. So I made the leap, 30 days to try it and get a full refund... why the heck not!! Long story short, after two weeks my 10-year-old son started to show us it was working!! We decided one weekend to use all CBD and we were in utter shock! He was less impulsive, eating three meals a day and he said he just felt more like himself... meaning the medicine wasn’t making him feel like he was in a trance😢

When you have a child who suffers from impulsivity and peer to peer issues, society can tend to be pretty cruel to what they do not understand. People just see you as the “bad” child. As a parent, you will do anything to protect them from this cruel world. Because you as the Mom know the heart of your child, while others pass their judgments upon him.

Because of HempWorx B is gaining weight in his face, his cheeks are less sunk in now 😊 He is able to focus at school, less hyperactive and still have a quality of life that we all deserve. And without all the harmful side effects of stimulants. This has been nothing short of a miracle for my son.💕

by Ko on Power Of HempWorx
Thanks HempWorx For Helping My Husband

Just wanted to let you know about my husband and CBD oil from your company. My husband is diabetic with neuropathy and severe GERD, gastroenteritis and other digestive issues. Flare-ups every week and Hospital stay at least once a month and countless visits .... the first dose of half a dropper of 750 CBD oil from Hempworx... slept the whole night through!!! 1 week on CBD oil and his flare-ups only last a few hours. 2 week of CBD oil he is eating regularly and has not been bed bound and neuropathy pain has substantially subsided. We were even able to go to the movies!! This may not mean much to most but for us it is relief and a blessing to have some normalcy return to our lives. I am amazed at how fast your product has worked for us and I even have friends and family ordering your products. There aren't enough words to express how thankful we are!! God bless and thank you !!     From Harrisburg Pa.

by Michelle on Power Of HempWorx
CBD Help For Breast Cancer Patient

Ok here is the report I got
Re my pet scan. I am a stage 4 breast cancer patient. I partake in chemo and use the CBD oil to help with uncontrolled pain and I know it is what is healing my body

OU Physicians
Thursday, December 21, 2017
DATE: 12/20/2017

CLINICAL HISTORY: 43-year-old woman with invasive ductal carcinoma
of the left breast status post left modified radical mastectomy and
node dissection. Most recent chemotherapy was 12/15/2017.

COMPARISON: PET/CT dated 10/24/2017

The brain demonstrates no definite focal abnormal FDG activity. There is new partial opacification of the paranasal sinuses bilaterally.
There is symmetric tonsillar uptake. Oral, pharyngeal, salivary, and laryngeal activity appears ordinary. No hypermetabolic cervical or
supraclavicular lymphadenopathy is demonstrated.
No hypermetabolic pulmonary nodules are demonstrated. The previously seen pleural effusions have resolved. There is also unchanged soft
tissue thickening within the right paratracheal region extending to the hilum without increased activity above background. Review of themediastinum reveals no hypermetabolic lymphadenopathy. Post surgical changes are redemonstrated from prior left mastectomy. No foci of
hypermetabolism are appreciated in the left breast or bilateral
There is decreased activity within the previously seen large hypermetabolic region in the left hepatic lobe which measures approximately 3.9 x 8.9 cm SUV 4.7 (previously 4.5 x 9.0 cm, SUV 7.0). The additional hypoattenuating area within the posterior right hepatic lobe is also improved measuring approximately
2.9 x 8.5 cm (previously 5.0 x 8.0 cm), without any
increased activity above UNSP SIT
noted in the gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, stomach and bowel. No adrenal hypermetabolism is noted. Urinary activity is noted in the kidneys bilaterally and bladder. No FDG-avid lymphadenopathy is appreciated.
There is diffusely increased uptake throughout the bone marrow suggestive of bone marrow stimulating agent. Therefore, evaluation for
FDG avid osseous metastases is compromised. Sclerotic lesions within the T9 and L2 vertebral bodies appear unchanged. Healed right rib fractures are also unchanged.

1. Decreased metabolic activity within left hepatic mass (SUV 4.7, previously 7.0) compatible with a favorable response to treatment.
2. Diffusely increased bone marrow activity is suggestive of bone marrow
stimulating treatment and limits evaluation for FDG avid osseous metastases.
3. Interval resolution of previously seen bilateral pleural effusions.

Basically, my liver is still improving. The fluid I had in my lungs have disappeared.
They could not evaluate my bones bc the bone marrow is working too hard. Of what they could eval there are no new masses and I am responding to chemo with help of the CBD oil. I want to praise our Lord for the continued healing. God is so Good.

by Tina on Power Of HempWorx
Panic Attacks Gone After Taking CBD

I don’t always go into details about how my life has been after losing my son Zac over 8 years ago but felt it time to share my testimony. I went through severe depression and the most horrid anxiety attacks. I gained weight, lost weight and have terrible knees after having some surgery still had pain. I was not good. For a long time, I never left my house, the thought of driving or leaving left me so anxious, just in a panic (really all thoughts left me with anxiety). I would just be sitting watching tv and a horrible anxiety attack would happen, I couldn’t breathe, my chest hurt so bad, I thought I was dying. Several times I even called the paramedics, it was all anxiety. I have been going to psychiatrist and therapist, taking many meds for the anxiety and depression. I started Hempworx CBD oil 2 weeks ago and began feeling better. I have not had to take my anxiety meds since I started and no panic attacks. I also am off my anti-depressant and in such a better place, feeling alive and happy for the first time in so long. I have no knee pain. I just can’t believe I didn’t use this sooner, it is amazing to me and as such, I want to help others and joined to start selling it. You see we all have an endocannabinoid system that has natural CBD receptors throughout the brain and body, the Hempworx oil has less than .03% THC so no high feeling just the benefits of natural, organic CBD oil. Not all oil is the same, Hempworx uses no fillers or heavy metals and is pure. I love that I am getting these results!

by Heather on Power Of HempWorx
HempWorx Gave My Life Back To Me

I’ll tell you my personal testimony before I started taking CBD oil I was extremely depressed never wanted to go anywhere and when I did all I wanted to do was come back home I was pretty bad! Also, I had problems sleeping through the night I would wake up at all hours of the night and would be exhausted throughout the day and I have stomach ulcers, produce too much stomach acids and had my gallbladder removed and I would have the worst stomach pains. Everything I ate gave me diarrhea and horrible pains!!! But I don’t deal with any of this anymore. I sleep through the night, I am actually happy for the first time in a very long time!! And no more stomach pains or diarrhea! Thank you HempWorx for giving me my life back!!!

by Kim on Power Of HempWorx
CBD Helped me with Chemo Nausea

Well, who thought it would have been possible to have a small bottle of oil do so much!
I have started treatment for breast cancer which for the moment means chemo. I have had one round of it which went well BUT the steroid anti-nausea medication they prescribed left me so wired I couldn’t sleep, not to mention how much it hurt my stomach!! Anyway, I have been taking 5 drops 3x day and stopped the anti-nausea meds and last night I had 10 hours sleep, am suffering from no nausea and actually feel pretty good 😀 This stuff is amazing !!! Will post further updates on my treatment as it progresses, but it is certainly looking good 😀

by Kelly on Power Of HempWorx
HempWorx CBD helped me with Pain

For those of you that don’t know, I have been suffering from a chronic pain condition for the bulk of my life. The past 15 years have only gotten worse. I had been intrigued by CBD Oil, in general, and gave a few brands a try with very little to no relief. Vape pens were annoying, the oils were thick and goopy, they were filled with synthetics, and the scents were overwhelming (which is a huge migraine trigger for me). Then I found HempWorks. It came in much stronger doses (higher, more therapeutic milligrams) for a LOT less money than the competition. It’s also organic/non-GMO, which is right up my alley. I started using it to prevent and/or calm migraine attacks, as well as other migraine-related issues. It definitely helped me through some episodes. I use the 750 mgs.

Last month, I had something called nerve decompression surgery. A surgeon went in and released any/all entrapped nerves. The surgery left me with deep incision scars, neuralgia, and neuropathy. I have continued using my HempWorks CBD Oil to help with the nerve pain, insomnia, and anxiety that came with the surgery, as well as directly on my scars.

Today, I’m amazed at what I look like considering what I just had done, and I’m amazed at how well I’m progressing. Nerve pain is lessening week by week and scars are fading.

Because of all of this, I have decided to become a HempWorks CBD Affiliate and start selling the product.

I pray for continued healing, and will definitely have my HempWorks CBD Oil by my side!

HempWorks is NOT like the others!

by Michael on Power Of HempWorx
CBD Dog Treats Helped Anxious Dog

My mother has a Bichon Frise named Maggie. Truthfully the dog can be pretty annoying, and you can't stand up to go to the restroom or even stand up to leave the apartment without her barking and nipping at your ankles.

My mom piecemealed one cookie out to the little dog and it kept wanting more so from that I took that the treats must taste pretty good. The kicker was about 20 minutes later when I decided to leave the dog actually remained calm and sat on the floor without making a single noise. This never happens. This helps out a lot because usually, my mom cannot leave her apartment without Maggie barking the whole time she is gone. I suggested to my mom that she may have to set up an autoship.

by Mindi on Power Of HempWorx
CBD Helped me with IBS

I have been battling IBS for over almost two decades. In turn, it caused high levels of anxiety and panic attacks. Sometimes in the worst situations like vacations, airplane flights, and long trips. Talk about feeling helpless. I have had trouble sleeping at night for years and been almost an insomniac. Therefore I have trouble getting up in the morning from sheer exhaustion. For years I was labeled a Worry Wart, until now!

I have been on HempWorx 500 oil for a week. I haven’t had an itch of a panic attack and I have noticed my anxiety being way less daily. I sleep hard at night and wake up feeling rested. I’m more productive and don’t get paralyzed by my IBS. My husband has seen a huge difference in how I feel and how I sleep and told me to keep taking the drops! I see things only getting better! I take 5 drops in the morning and take 10 before bed at night. Thanks, Ashley for turning me on to HempWorx!

by Mary on Power Of HempWorx
CBD helped me with bipolar disorder

Let me tell you about my husband: He has bipolar manic depressive with rapid cycling, depression, and back injuries (two) while working as a farm equipment mechanic. This has resulted in one back surgery that caused secondary issues such as restless legs and constant pain at his tailbone. He has a high tolerance to pain medication, so the prescribed meds rarely helped take away the pain. So, we were looking for something to help ease his and or take away his pain. I believe that we have found it - We received the first bottle of CBD oil about two weeks ago.
These are the benefits he's experienced:
Less pain at the surgery site (no longer needs the pain meds,)
less sciatic pain running down his leg,
an elevated mood which resulted in his feeling good enough to go out and be more active during the day.
He has gone from having twitchy legs and arms every nights - sometimes so badly that he would have to get up and walk around for several minutes until his muscles would settle down enough he could finally go to sleep - to having nights where his arms and legs don't twitch at all.
improved sleep.

All in all we would call this a successful experiment and are looking forward to more benefits like possibly reducing his bipolar medications

by Margaret on Power Of HempWorx
Because of Hempworx, our life journey is enjoyable again

No exaggeration our life journey is enjoyable again because of HEMPWORX
My husband has PTSD and Parkinson's disease. He has been on CBD oil for 9 months.

The first stint on the oil was for approximately three months, his tremors reduced dramatically and anxiety all but disappeared. Then he ran out.

OMG never again, the tremors came back and the PTSD kicked straight back in. That was six weeks of absolute hell. Sleep deprivation, back to living like a hermit not wanting to go out, definitely no social life. Life is hard with Parkinson's, the tremors stop him from wanting to be in public.
Roll on to the next shipment and a change to Hempworx. The change is dramatic, we are back to being able to go out for dinner again, Doug will now choose to socialize instead of always saying 'no'.
Being able to hold a cup of coffee without wearing it, being able to cut up his food without help, being told by the neurologist he does not need to see him for twelve months.

I have and never will have a problem caring for my husband, the love between us is strong and he is worth every second of my time but in the harder times, the joy of living can be lost for both of us.

BTW he takes 10 drops morning and night.

Because of Hempworx, our life journey is enjoyable again.

by Angela on Power Of HempWorx
Severe Anxiety and Panic Attacks Helped With CBD

Suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks. I decided to try the oils. I'm pleased to say that I haven't had an attack or anxiety in a week. I believe it has leveled out my moods from bipolar and PTSD disorder as well. I feel like a brand new normal person all over again. I'm also looking forward to more life changes to come as my CBD oil keeps working on me. I have just started my mother and father on it as well. Will post more results soon as I continue to be an affiliate and CBD oil patient. No more prescription medications in my life. God bless!!💗😀🙏

by Celeste on Power Of HempWorx
CBD Helped My Crippling Arthritis

I started taking CBD for crippling arthritis. Pain all gone on day 2. It's been 4 months now. I have noticed some other incredible side effects.
*Restless legs syndrome - gone.
*Anxiety turned into a peaceful calm.
*Memory 95% improved (wondered if I had Alzheimer's) demonstrated by being able to create an intense business plan over a three week period.
*I used to fall over at least once a day from wobbly ankles. Had to walk with a cane. No cane at all now. Never fallen down once in 4 months.
*Left side of my body was always considerably bigger. Doppler scan proved it was a lymphatic drainage issue. 45 years. One day I noticed it is the same size as my right side!!!
*For a year chronic Eustachian tube plugged and banging in the right ear.
2 drops of oil one night and I have 75% relief.
*I couldn't bend to put my socks on because of stiffening in my back (scoliosis and bulging discs with arthritis). I can bend, twist, have full flexibility again. Nice to wear socks in our Newfoundland winter.
*I have incredible amounts of energy again. Not exhausted all the time.
*Can lay down to sleep and actually sleep.

Try it and be surprised at the wonderful effects!

by Liz on Power Of HempWorx
Beat My Sugar Addiction With CBD Oil

SUGAR ADDICTION - Getting a grip
If you are suffering, or know people who are this is for you.
This is a long testimony...please bear with me.
I want to say I am extremely grateful for the latest thing I am seeing with the 750 CBD drops. The first week it was sleeping and hot flashes, and that was a miracle. Now after 3 weeks, my sugar cravings and carb cravings have totally gone. I am a sugar addict. To the max. I struggle with it and have for the last 20 years. I have gone off it for up to 3 years, and then just give in and then it is an uphill battle to get off it again. This last bout was the worst. My hubby and I went on a 12-day cruise last April for our 40th anniversary, and it was an all-inclusive gluttony fest. And I fell off the wagon and the wagon ran over me. The past year I have gained 30 pounds and been unable to get this under control. I know what to do but I was becoming hopeless.

Enter CBD. This past week, about 4 days ago, I noticed that my cravings weren't there. Just gone. I just kind of was shocked. The past 4 days I have noticed that my mental state has totally changed. I stopped thinking about food. I stopped thinking every hour of the day about what I wish I could have. I have gone to the grocery store, walked down the candy aisle and just looked and nothing. NOTHING! If you are a skinny person you won't get this. But for all of us who fight this, it is so hard. Food is socially acceptable. Churches encourage gluttony in potlucks. It's everywhere. You can't escape.

Sugar creates more dopamine in your brain than cocaine.
What I realized after looking and looking for studies on CBD or cannabidiol and dopamine, is that CBD seems to regulate dopamine. It stabilizes it. It interacts with our cannabinoid receptors and just calms the whole system down. That's why it works on opiate addictions, and on other addictions. I would venture to say it would work on sexual addictions and pornography addictions too. Addictive substances cause your dopamine to skyrocket, and when they crash you are jonesing for a fix of whatever it is you are addicted to. If your dopamine doesn't crash, then you don't crave. If your dopamine doesn't skyrocket then the cycle is broken.

I am extremely grateful for CBD and feel it is an answer to prayer for me and others. My life is looking different right now and my mental state is calm. My thought processes are calm. Thank you, God for this. I can't even tell you how grateful I am.
It's like my brain got off the food obsession freeway and got on a highway going another direction. It's awesome. It's a miracle. Thankful.

If you are struggling with any kind of addiction just try this. Go to the person who added you to this page and get a bottle from them. What have you got to lose?

by Chris on Power Of HempWorx
I Can Work Without Pain

I have been taking my CBD oil for 2 months now for my arthritis that I have on my right knee and left shoulder. I work construction and to go to work and have so much pain is not fun. I have a high pain tolerance but this pain was really taking a beating on me and was going to the doctor for cortisone shots. After the third day of taking the CBD, I was pain free and was working like I never had arthritis. Well, tonight I decided to take a drug test to see what I would read. Well, it read negative for THC so now I can show my proof that this is a great product and it is safe to take because you will not test positive for THC. I love taking my drops but I also love vaping it.

by Tami on Power Of HempWorx
CBD helped PTSC, arthritis, sciatica pain

I have been taking 750 for two months. It's time to share my story!

I was a sufferer of PTSD, arthritis, sciatica pain, and literally would catch any bug that was within a 50-mile radius from me. I was in pain all of the time, my anxiety was horrible. I could never make my medications last the whole month and I was constantly missing work because I was sick.

Now, I haven't been sick since December. I would literally be at the doctor's office at least once a month. They are probably wondering if I'm still alive 😂😂

I am off all of my medications that I was taking for PTSD except for a half of a Xanax once a day. I was taking 3 if not more every day. 😱

My back pain is gone!! No more arthritis pain, no more sciatica pain!! I was on a 25 lb weight limit and literally couldn't do anything. Now, I feel like superwoman! I haven't even taken any Ibprophen for well over a month!

If you are on the fence about trying this stuff, get off that fence. I was literally at the point where I gave up. Stopped trying. Now, I am a brand new woman.

by Krystal on Power Of HempWorx
Less Melt Downs & More Sleep For My Child

Carson is 11 months old and has been diagnosed with right-sided hemiplegic cerebral palsy, sensory processing disorder which causes a major meltdown that is inconsolable most of the day, feeding issues, and hypertonia where his muscles are too tight. The last 11 months have been the hardest most emotional ones of my life! We have all kinds of Drs and appointments plus 3 different types of therapies weekly. With his issues comes no sleep (he wakes up 5-7 times every night ) he doesn’t nap more than 30-45 minutes once a day, he cries 85% or more a day and nothing helps, he gets sick often and has been in and out of the hospital his entire short life. He screams at a high pitch as his way to communicate and we don’t take him anywhere very often because I hate getting the looks of “that baby is spoiled” “can’t you do something about that” one lady even stopped me and asked “have you ever tried spanking him? It works wonders” he can’t control it. He’s not a “bad baby” and he’s not just some “spoiled brat”...

😍😍😍Now the good part...

He’s been on CBD oil for 4 days now and I can’t believe it! He woke up only 3 times last night and went right back to sleep (usually he screams for 30 mins or more), there has been minimal crying today (from him anyways I’m crying now lol) and he just took his first ever nap that lasted 2 hours!!! TWO HOURS! Never has he slept that long for a nap! He barely sleeps that long at night! His eczema is also clearing up on his face!

Thank you, Stacey for the information and for loving my baby boy so much to introduce us to CBD oil!!!

by Danielle on Power Of HempWorx
Pain Free After 27 Years With MS

For 27 years I have had MS and been getting weaker and slower. Tonight I took my dog for a walk pain free and even jogged a bit with him (been years I have even thought about trying). Thank you so much Hempworx. I have tried many CBD products before and you are the best. I want to get to the convention so I can hug u all for helping me.

by Aaron on Power Of HempWorx
CBD Helped Me Recover From A Wreck

Morning, my name is Aaron. My two-week experience with CBD oil and CBD creme has been nothing short of miraculous. I have lived with so much pain for the last twenty years. In 1998 I was in a car accident that left me in a month-long coma. I flatlined 7 times, took eight units of blood plasma, broke my neck, shattered my lower spine, broke my arm in half-it now has a titanium rod the entire length of the humerus, broke all my left ribs-two went into my lung, my spleen and liver were damaged, then something happened with the nitrogen in my blood-I blew up to more than twice my size for a week... and worst, the TBI and subsequent coma. When I woke from the coma the first time with deep artery needles in my arms, a feeding tube, a breathing tube, chest tubes, and pain I didn't even know a human mammal could suffer without going into shock. I suffered ICU psychosis terribly and had to be put back under. Waking up from a coma, for me anyway, was a total reset. Mentally emotionally spiritually, it is new but it's a horrible new. I woke with inferior cognitive abilities and a new constant level of pain you only read about in novels. Through all of that, the coma was the worst, the head injury. To have your intellect stolen... and to know it's not there anymore. It's something I hope none of you ever have to suffer. I spent a large portion of my twenties in rehab, in a wheelchair, trapped in a turtle shell because my torso was too damaged to support itself. I will just say that I have stared at my share of hospital ceiling tiles. Eons. Wow, that's a lot. Funny how writing something down can bring you back to that place. I'm good. I am good. That part of the story is important to tell. I know you can imagine a portion of the pain I've had to live with for two decades... until now. The last two weeks have been... like I was when I was twenty, before the accident. When life was new and people and friends and experiences were crisp and your senses were pristine and life was just good. I've only been using the oil a couple of days. This is all from the CBD creme. Relief. I knew it was going to end. Nothing can work this well and keep working, especially with the law of diminishing returns always working against you. My mentor and friend who introduced me to this is someone I think the world of and I was afraid I might be putting too much stock in it because I respect her so much, that would really kick the placebo effect into high gear. No. Guys, I still am doing so good I can't believe it. Good, he says, no I am doing great. You have to understand, I had to use so much of my intellect and emotional energy to keep that level 9 constant pain at bay. It took everything out of me and even took me to a dark place where it just made sense to end it all for good. You’d have to roll a mile in my wheelchair before you judge. It’s been a long road and I can’t believe I have a solution now. The first week I just thought it couldn’t last. I’m now going on the third week and I already have so much of my cognitive abilities back, just from not having to quash down that horrible pain. To say I have my life back is an entire level of magnitude inaccurate, doesn’t even come close. This just doesn’t happen to people like me. Who gets to have their life back after injuries like this? This damaged and mentally and emotionally affected by those injuries as I am? I didn’t even tell you how bad my ears were/are damaged, I tore the other arm out of the socket falling a year afterward, and all the multiple surgeries to try to fix my body after the initial accident surgeries. The few days I’ve taken the oil have the best days in so many years I'm afraid I will get upset if I put an actual number on it. That internal fear, that terror deep in my heart that knows everyone I know and love will someday leave this mortal coil. The bleak black darkness inside the deepest part of you, that, that’s gone. Who knew all it would take was two weeks with no pain after twenty years. I’m going to be honest, I use a freakin lot. Waking up refreshed hasn’t happened in so long I forgot what it felt like. My libido is returning. I don’t mean to be a perv by saying that but you know, everything is falling into place. I spend most of my time helping veterans and guys I have been able to connect with so many people, I did a Facebook Live interview with an officer in the AirForce, traveled in a car for 12 hours with no pain, reconnect with my girl, write again, well I think you’re aware of that by now. Things are just falling into place as perfectly as the words of Shakespeare on your ears. Okay, guys. That is my story and I bid you all a stellar day:)

by Paul on Power Of HempWorx
I'll Stick With HempWorx

I have suffered with back pain for over 20 years and the Dr’s just filled me up with pills. I started using the HempWorx product CBD oil 500 and although it took me a while to get the correct dose right it has stemmed the spasms and I get a much better nights sleep. So I will continue buying their product. I did check out many other companies for their purity and many use a hemp paste and other oils so I will stick with this one. Paul

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